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An elegant space.

After reinterpreting traditional Finnish interior aesthetics, Arctic Dreams House defines a new Finnish design identity through this elegant Haistila abode in Ranua municipality. The Haistila is designed to create an elegant space that purifies the mind, hence the spaces alternate in dark and light tones that resemble a game of checkers and the incorporation of spaces pervade by purity and tranquility.

This 3-bedroom residence is designed with a real fireplace in the center of the open plan living, dining, and kitchen area. Sauna takes a central place in the middle of the house to spread coziness and warmness throughout in the harsh but magical winter. Glass windows are installed on all sides to lend a nature view and northern lights image to the abode.

Located 0,5km away from Wikkelä Villa, 18 km from Ranua Town and 15 km from RanuaZoo, the 1970s private house near Simojoki River keeps its charm and elegant still. The Arctic Dreams House’s reindeer farm nearby as well as available equipment for different kinds of activities from standup paddleboards, snowmobiles, bicycles, a boat, snowshoes, a quad bike, fatbikes etc, will give you an unforgettable experience. Some are free for guests to use, some need extra fees for supervising, guiding and arrangement.

An all-inclusive and taylormade holiday experience can be arranged per your request. This could include from private chauffeur service, private chef service to different kinds of private activity arrangements such as meeting with Santa, reindeer, husky and horse sleighs, northern lights hunting, and guided Ranua Zoo visit to see polar bears, arctic foxes and other arctic animals. Feel free to contact us in advance for more offers.

Simontie 50, 97715 Ranua

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