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Unforgettable experiences at Ranua

Experience the true magic of Lapland at Ranua

Did you know that Lapland actually has 8 seasons? Each season has its own special features and nature changes its appearance and form from colorful to white. Do you love bright summer nights, frozen cloudberry marshes, the colors of fall, wonderful nature, northern lights, a sky of millions of stars, snowy winter or peace and quiet? At Ranua, you can experience all of these, no matter what time of year you are on the move.

In summer, nightless nights allow you to enjoy nature even throughout the night. How would a boat trip on a calm lake, hiking in nature or a nighttime swimming excursion sound? At the end of summer, the cloudberry marshes glow orange and the color slowly transfers to the leaves of the trees when the fall season arrives. Everyone should experience the incredible color brilliance that the Finnish fall brings! At the end of fall, the arctic natural light phenomena, Northern lights, start to color the sky in the darkness of the winter. When the snow comes to stay, you can enjoy winter activities; skiing, snowmobiling, husky safaris, reindeer rides or even snowshoeing. Christmas time in Lapland is full of atmosphere and Santa Claus with his elves and reindeer is an experience for the whole family. In winter, snow-covered trees and a clear sky make the landscape magically beautiful.

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Location and arrival

The village of Ranua is located in Southern Lapland, along national road 78, about an hour’s drive from Rovaniemi and 2 hours from Oulu, Kemi and Kuusamo. The nearest airport and train station are located in Rovaniemi. There is daily bus service between Rovaniemi and Ranua.

Even though we are close to good transport links, it is not a long way to the wilderness. In Ranua, located in the middle of forests and marshes, you can experience authentic nature experiences and Lapland’s village culture. The area offers a wide range of program services and accommodation options. Ranua is known as the cloudberry capital of Finland, as well as for their wildlife park for arctic animals.

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