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The beautiful wilderness and water bodies of Ranua offer excellent opportunities for hunting and fishing. The most popular fishing spots are Lake Simojärvi and Simojoki river. Lake Simojärvi is a lake with an area of ​​almost 64 square kilometers, part of the shore protection program, where you can catch pike, whitefish, whitefish and lake trout, among other things. The Simojoki river, which begins in Lake Simojärvi, is a 193-kilometer long salmon river that flows into the Bothnian Bay in the area of ​​Simo municipality.

The Lake Simojärvi area is a rewarding place to visit all year round. Enjoy boating, fishing, swimming and paddling in its clear waters. In winter, Simojärvi offers wonderful scenery for sledding and skiing trips.

Simojärvi is Finland’s 50th largest lake and, together with Simojoki river, one of Finland’s largest unregulated and free water bodies. A large part of the Simojärvi area is included in the conservation program and remains undeveloped.

More information about fishing and hunting permits in Finnish: Hunting, fishing and berry picking – Rohkea Ranua

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