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At Ranua you will find all the necessary basic services for a comfortable holiday. The village has two grocery stores, two gas stations, a pharmacy, a flower shop, a clothing store, lunch restaurants and a few specialty shops.

Connected to Ranua Resort is the Wild Arctic Restaurant where you can get breakfast and lunch every day, a souvenir shop, Cafe Bistro Bubo and Fazer’s sweet shop. Also connected to Arctic Guesthouse & Igloo is a restaurant that serves both lunch and dinner customers

Home bakery Kakkupirtti operates in Ranua, where you can order both savory and sweet pastries.

Ranua is a great venue for meetings and recreational days. You can combine meetings with different types of activities or visit to the wildlifepark or spend the night out at the Book Bar. There are also various selection of accommodation options available for big and small groups.


  • Ranua Resort souvenir shop
  • Fazer shop

In Ranua Resort’s souvenir shop, you can find the perfect gifts for yourself or a friend. The selection includes clothes, magnets, dishes, soft toys, key rings, knives, gloves, hats, beanies and just about anything else nice!

Fazer’s sweet shop is in the grounds of Ranua Resort in the Murr Murr castle. The store has a large selection of Fazer’s familiar delicacies as well as novelties.



  • Wild Arctic Restaurant
  • Actic Guesthouse & Igloos restaurant
  • The Book Bar

Ranua Resort has the Wild Arctic Restaurant, which is open every day of the year. The restaurant offers breakfast and lunch, as well as snacks to take with you, for example, on a tour of the wildlife park.

There is a restaurant connected to Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos that serves both lunch and dinner for customers. Breakfast is also available for guests.

The Book Bar is a local bar, which used to be a library.  At the. Book bar there are also a meeting room, snooker table, golf simulator as well as live music.


Other services

  • Kakkupirtti home bakery

Home bakery Kakkupirtti operates at Ranua, where you can order a wide variety of pastries both for everyday life and for parties. There are many ready-made options to choose from, and we can also make baked goods according to your wishes.




Other services

  • Meeting services

Ranua Resort provides an excellent setting for holding experiential meetings. The price of the meeting packages includes the meeting space and technology, as well as catering according to your choice. Meetings can also be combined with a visit to the wildlife park and various activities (e.g. mountain biking, horse and husky rides, visiting a reindeer farm…).

Conference package prices start at 19 euros/person.

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